Traveling opens your mind...

Did you know that traveling is good for the body and mind? Often, it is more than just going on vacation. It is submerging in other cultures, languages, idiosyncrasies, religions, flavors, aromas, textures and sounds. Suddenly we can find ourselves on the top of a mountain or in the center of a big city; in total solitude surrounded by a crowd. Travelers collect experiences and this leaves marks on their thinking, on their way of seeing the world and even leads them to compare and analyze their own environment. Check out the main benefits of traveling: 

Increases happiness
Traveling takes people out of their routine, making them forget about the day-to-day rush and, therefore, contributes to increasing happiness and well-being. A study by Cornell University, in the United States, showed that the simple fact of planning a trip is enough to increase our level of happiness. 

Fights stress and depression
The work routine and studies can increase stress and even cause discomfort such as headaches and muscle aches. Therefore, getting away from problems for a while contributes to stress relief and even helps to prevent possible depression. 

Relieves anxiety
During travel, the mind focuses on the present and this helps with the treatment of anxiety. The tourist lives each moment intensely to make the most of every minute of the chosen destination. 

Increases creativity
When you do the same thing every day, it is normal that your vision of the world gets reduced and a little limited; therefore, when we travel we get in touch with new experiences and that increases creativity in every way.

"Of all the books in the world,
 the best stories are in the pages of a passport."

Improves confidence and self-esteem
When we discover a new destination, it is quite common that challenges arise and need a quick resolution. Thus, we relearn how to make decisions to solve any problems. By overcoming them, we improve our confidence and raise our self-esteem.